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Family Feud

Family Feud

Family Feud PowerPoints using real survey answers from real Surgical Technologists at the 2021 AST National Conference

To play, press 'Show Question', then 'Hide Question', then click on correctly given answers. Answers in notes screen.

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Jeopardy by Surgical Counts


Jeopardy games created by Surgical Counts. Special effort made to make the questions read like real Jeopardy questions.

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  • Intro, Laws, Latin, Death, Organizations
  • Asepsis, Pharm, How many?, Positioning, Incisions
  • A&P, Micro, Med Term, Pharm, Positioning
  • All Cardio


MultiBuzz App

A simple web app that lets you create a 'room' where your students can 'buzz in' when you ask them a questions. Works well in conjuction with the Jeopardy games or any other questions you want to quiz them on.