"I have been very pleased with Surgical Counts and I will be using this again in the spring."
-- Melissa Donald, Program Director, Greenville Technical College, Greenville, SC

"We use Surgical Counts. It’s super easy to use and the students have access to it for 3 years. Best decision I’ve made."
-- Chris Tople, Program Director, Lincoln Land Community College, Springfield, IL

"Surgical Counts has saved me so much work this year. I can export everything to an Excel spreadsheet for their files."
-- Kristi Mick, Program Director, Washburn University Institute of Technology, Topeka, KS

Surgical Technology Case Tracking

Surgical Counts helps Program Directors track their student's progress towards their required cases, no matter which program you follow:

Counting cases is now simple

Calculating a student's progress towards their required is almost as complicated as setting up for a Total Knee. Rules for minimums, maximums, specialties, and roles, make it harder to follow than a surgeon's preference card.

Surgical Counts makes it simple!


Check out this video to see just how easy it is.


Want to try it out? Just email Mark at surgicalcounts@gmail.com (from your school email address) to receive a demo username and password.

You can explore on your own (it's really easy to use), or watch some short instructional videos.


There are three ways to purchase Surgical Counts.

1) Surgical Counts can be treated just like any other book or online resource. Simply request Surgical Counts access codes be available for students through your bookstore. Retail price is $39.95 per student.

2) Discounts are available if your program wishes to purchase accounts for your entire class. Contact Mark at surgicalcounts@gmail.com for more information.

3) Individual student accounts can be purchased right here for $39.95 each.

Regardless of the purchase method, students have full access for at least 3 years.

Program Director and Instructor accounts are free.

Frequently Asked Questions

Clinicals start tomorrow. Am I too late?
Not at all. We can work with you to get your students using the system, sometimes in as little as a few hours.
Clinicals started 4 weeks ago. Am I too late?
Not at all. Students can always retroactively log their cases.
Does Surgical Counts log more than the required cases?
Surgical Counts will log as many cases as a student enters. Most students end up entering close to 200 cases. All of these are stored, and are accessible at any time. No matter how many cases are entered, Surgical Counts will find the ones that best-fit the program's requirements, and ‘count’ them towards the needed cases.
Which programs does Surgical Counts track cases for?
The requirements for each of the following certifications is built into Surgical Counts.

   - Certified Surgical Technologist (CST) - 120 Cases
   - NCCT's Tech in Surgery - Certified (TS-C) - 125 Cases
   - Certified Surgical First Assistant (CSFA) - 140 Cases
Can Surgical Counts track attendance?
Surgical Counts allows students to enter ‘non-case days’. For example, if they spent the day in Central Sterile (or at National Conference, or wherever), they can log this information as well. This helps you monitor overall attendance.
Can Surgical Counts track students via GPS?
Surgical Counts will never track student via GPS. We are philosophically opposed to the idea. Surgical Technology students need to have a 'surgical conscience'. They need to be trusted to do the right thing, even if no one is watching. If a student can't be trusted, to the point that they need to be tracked via GPS, then the student can't be trusted to maintain sterile technique, and they don't belong in an operating room. Plus, no cell phones in the OR.
If there are no phones in the OR, how do preceptors report information about a student’s performance?
Most students take a paper case log sheet to their clinical site each day, and the preceptor signs off on those cases. Once home, the student takes a photo of this ‘preceptor sheet’ and uploads it into Surgical Counts, creating the electronic record. Here is a sample preceptor sheet, which you are free to modify and use, even if you are not a Surgical Counts client.
Is there a minimum number of students required to use the system?
There is no minimum. You can have 1 student use Surgical Counts. Instructor accounts are still free.
Are there any long-term contracts?
No. Surgical Counts is purchased on a student-by-student basis. If you don't like it, you don't have to use it next year. (But we're sure you're going to love it!)
Do students have to renew every semester?
No. Each student account purchased will remain active for at least 3 years, which should be more than enough time to get them through the program.
For accreditation I need copies of everything.
No problem. You can export a .PDF of all Surgical Counts pages, an Excel spreadsheet of all the cases the student entered, and a .ZIP file containing all preceptor sheets that a student uploaded.
Do you offer anything that can track lab skill checkoffs?
We sure do. Introducing Skills Check by Surgical Counts. You create custom lab skill checkoffs for your students to complete.
How about tracking lab supply inventory?
We do that, too. Included free with Surgical Counts is a lab inventory tracker that lets you see when you need to order more masks, gowns, gloves, etc.
Do you offer anything else that might help a struggling Program Director?
Yes. Check out our Instructor Resources page to find some things that may help students retain the information you are teaching them.
I'm a student. Does my professor have to agree to use Surgical Counts?
Individual student accounts can be purchased right here for $39.95. You can use Surgical Counts entirely on your own without your professor approving anything. Should your professor at some point decide to try it out, you can easily link your account to theirs.

About Surgical Counts

Surgical Counts is the only online case tracking system designed and built by a
Certified Surgical Technologist.

Surgical Counts creator Mark Sowers, CST is an active member of the Association of Surgical Technologists (AST) and is dedicated to helping Surgical Technology students achieve certification.

Please contact him at surgicalcounts@gmail.com with any questions.

Are you ready to count?

Program Directors: Contact Mark at surgicalcounts@gmail.com to sign up.

Students: sign up for immediate access to Surgical Counts.